Integrative Wellness Consulting

Our Passion

Is Our Purpose.

The IWC Group provides wellness professionals a platform in which they can offer their patients & clients holistic remedy options while providing an ancillary income opportunity for their business.

Backed By Science. Propelled By Innovation.

Our Story

A Passion For People

Co-Owners Tracey Winn and Kiki Bowers both have extensive backgrounds in Orthopedic & Spine medical device sales, as well as the pain management industry. Upon leaving sales, both moved into the integrative, regenerative medicine field starting businesses built around organic nutrition, plant medicine, and non-narcotic pain solutions. Their desire to bring these alternative forms of treatment to wellness businesses was readily received amidst the opioid and obesity crisis.

They found that many wellness professionals were looking for solutions but didn’t know who or where to find the programs, products or practitioners to help them. 

They also discovered that many medical professionals were bogged down with increasing patient loads and less time to spend with each patient, while simultaneously experiencing a decrease in their salaries and insurance coverage. In addition to western medicine practices, the saturation of the health and wellness field was proving more difficult for emerging health coaches, massage therapists, chiropractors and holistic practitioners to make a dent in the market.

They knew there was a solution that could help the patients as well as the practitioners and the business owners.

Since leaving medical sales both Tracey and Kiki have been wellness entrepreneurs focusing on expanding multiple streams of income for their services and product offerings. They created this platform to help wellness professionals do the same. IWC is a membership umbrella company to your own wellness business or medical practice that offers alternative treatment products and services to your patients while providing other streams of income. Aside from product offerings in organic nutrition, CBD, topicals, cold therapy and stim products, IWC offers marketing packages including customized websites, social media business development, and automated systems for servicing people in need of help outside of your practice.


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